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The AABR® Technology You Can Trust in a 
Handheld Screener

The ALGO 3i screener incorporates proprietary Natus AABR technology:

  • Lowest refer rates1 - supported by numerous published studies within respected peer-reviewed journals
  • A complete screen of the hearing pathway in one simple step

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Only with Natus Supplies is the ALGO Screener's Accuracy Guaranteed

Supplies are designed specifically to obtain optimal ALGO resultsClinical studies were conducted with ALGO screener and supplies to validate testing accuracyClinical data was gathered from large infant populations in real-life clinical environments1

ALGO Flexicoupler® and Valu-Pak Earphones are Essential for Optimal Performance

ALGO earphones' proprietary acoustic properties are key to ALGO screening accuracy - non-ALGO earphones may compromise results2ALGO earphones are manufactured under strict quality and technical standards - non-ALGO earphones are not designed to meet Natus' specificationsPatented ALGO cable-to-earphone connection delivers uniform sound to baby's ears

Natus Earphones and Jelly Tab™ Sensors Allow Fast and Simple Screening

Provide secure and comfortable attachment3Facilitate proper connection and removal
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The truly automated all-in-one hearing screener

Only the Echo-Screen® hearing screener combines advanced TEOAE, DPOAE, and AABR® techniques with fully automated results and completely standardized, pre-set screening parameters.

Proprietary AOAE® & AABR® Technologies
Automated results for TEOAE, DPOAE, and ABR Screening Techniques


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